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Vaping Advocacy

The Hardknock Hooligans believe that anything you are passionate about is worth fighting for. Vaping is one of the things we are very passionate about. Each of the original Hardknock Hooligans has been vaping for over 5 years. We have seen the vaping community change immensly during that period. We've seen the good and the bad, and we have been fighting the entire time. We belive that the truth about vaping should be made well known to the entire world. Their are a lot of people that are pushing to rid the world of vaping. Most of them will you use any tactics they can to make vaping out to be horrible. We need to make sure our voices are heard, and that we don't allow our government to ban vaping, or hand it over to the big tobacco or big pharmaceutical companies.

We hope, that as fellow Hooligans, you will all join us in the fight for our right to vape. Anything you can do will help. Whether it's writing a letter to your elected officials, attending local government meetings to show your support for vaping, or donating money to the various advocacy groups. Every little bit you can do will help!

Please check out the various links below to stay informed and to see how you can help out.