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About Us

Hey fellow Hooligans, we would like to introduce you to the Hardknock Hooligans. 

We'll start by saying we are purveyors of fine e-liquid and quality hand built box mods. We not only take pride in the products we produce, but also in the service we provide. Combined, we have years of experience creating amazingly delicious, clean, quality e-liquid, and building exceptional box mods.
We are also so much more than just another company. We are a movement! We live by old school morals and values, and we strive to bring that back to the present day. To us a hardknock hooligan is someone that has been knocked down, over and over, and continues to rise against all odds. A hardknock hooligan has every reason to be mad at the world for the way they have been treated in life, and yet they continue to remain positive. A hardknock hooligan has been shunned by the world for not conforming to its ways, and they continue to march to their own beat. A hardknock hooligan knows what it's like to have no one and yet they still continue to provide a hand, however they can. We recognize the differences in us all and respect everyones opinion. We believe it's time to get back to the old school ways of helping someone and not expecting anything in return. 
We hope you'll join us in this movement, we can't do it alone. Together we can brighten this increasingly dark world. Let's lift each other up, look our demons right in the eyes, and knock 'em down. Put on your shades, the future is bright!